Can you relate?

Beyond the Wall Coaching partners with adults who are either making a choice to bring change in their lives or are struggling with the changes where they had no choice. While you know changes are a part of life, you may not be necessarily equipped to masterfully move through them to get the results you want on the other side. Ideally, you want a smooth transition that takes you from where you are to where you want to be in a way that strengthens and grows you not just for this season, but for a lifetime. This is the time for you to figure out the thoughts and emotions that will work best for you to launch yourself beyond your wall and into purposeful action!

Perhaps your choice in making a transition looks like this:

  • Pursuing personal growth after a death or divorce
  • Becoming a partner, a parent, or wanting to be a better one
  • Changing your career, starting a new position, creating or expanding a business
  • Training for an athletic event
  • Making a commitment to improve your health
  • Options for life in retirement

Or maybe your lack of choice in your transition looks like this:

  • A change or loss of a relationship through death, divorce, separation, or empty-nesting
  • Have been told you need to make changes to be a better partner or parent
  • Loss of a job or long-term unemployment
  • Physical lifestyle change because your health depends on it
  • Diagnoses of a disease, disability, or illness, or that of a family member
  • An injury, a surgery, or recovery from either, or that of a family member
  • A natural physical, emotional, and mental change such as menopause
  • A location move

Along with significant transitions comes conflicting thoughts and emotions, and lots of decisions… all of which can be exhausting and overwhelming. There will be stress, self-doubts, inability to concentrate, and indecisiveness and then there will be thoughts that just flow with ease, focus and clarity. You may feel out of control with excessive anger, sadness, and loneliness and other times you may feel free, light, and joyful. Your body may respond by wanting to sleep more or you may be hardly sleeping at all. You may be overeating or you may feel nauseous with just one bite. You may be beyond frustrated because you can’t lose weight no matter what you try to do. You may be questioning your beliefs, your values, and your purpose in life. You may be less social, closed-off, detached and wanting to isolate yourself or you may want to stay out and not want to go home.

All these experiences are completely natural as you go through significant changes. You are making adjustments both internally and externally and trying to adapt to these changes so they can become your new normal… and it’s not easy!

I found Beyond the Wall Coach to partner with you so you can experience hope, confidence, and joy through the choices and challenges of your ever-changing life and your ever-changing world. You will grow in your perspectives and in your approaches to change, and will be fortified in your well-being as you work on your life and in your life. Together we will work to get you to a place of peace, purpose, confidence, clarity, and wellness that will support you beyond the wall of your transition and into experiencing a more meaningful life where you become more of who you want to be and what you want for your life.

As you move through your transition and the transitions yet to come, our work together will also strengthen and bless those whom you lead in your personal and professional relationships. It will impact the lives and communities in how you serve and how you contribute as you deepen the meaning, purpose, and well-being of your own life.

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