Certified Life Coach. Fitness Expert. Soul Affirmer. Energy Mover. Motivator. Wife. Mom. Grammy. Human.  

Life’s Purpose and Mission

My purpose is to love God and love others through healthy living and healthy relationships. My mission is to help others build their unique purpose and mission and pursue their well-being so they can offer the best of their potential in order to make the greatest impact on their families, their relationships, their organizations, their communities, and the world.  


I’ve lived through the joys of raising three beautiful girls,  the heartbreak and loss of a child at birth,  the challenges of a family member living with MS, the elation at becoming a grandmother, and the challenges of balancing marriage,  life, motherhood and profession.  Above all, family is my greatest joy with all its beautiful moments, messes and miracles.  My personal experience with overcoming some of life’s most difficult transitions has been part of my story and my triumph.

One of my lifelong commitments and greatest joys is to ride my bike bi-annually as part of Bike MS to raise funds and awareness for the MS Society. Funding research for a cure and providing programs for loved ones suffering with MS is important to me.

I dedicate my life and coaching practice to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. However, I will not bring my beliefs into our coaching sessions unless you are a Believer and/or have given me permission to do so.   

Professional Experience

In short, l’ve spent the last two decades coaching people into wellness in all areas of their life: emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical. I’ve activated transformation and motivated growth in the corporate environment as the Wellness Manager at Stego Industries for 6 years, and one-on-one as a life coach, consultant, mentor, fitness trainer, and personal motivator.   

After years of dedicated study and achievements, I began my Well-being and Life-transition Coaching business to specifically help with the challenges of life’s ever-changing emotional landscape, physical changes, and the attitudes and behaviors that can activate deep and resonate changes in our hearts, souls, mind, and bodies.

Education, Certifications, and Training

  • Cor.E Dynamics Well-being Specialist Certification – Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (June, 2020)
  • Cor. E Dynamics Transitions Specialist Certification – Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (September, 2019)
  • Energy Leadership Index Practitioner, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, July 2019)
  • Certified Professional Coach, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (July 2019)
  • Specialist in Sports Nutrition, International Sports Sciences Association (2004- Present)
  • Certified Fitness Trainer, International Sports Sciences Association (2002- Present)
  • California Real Estate License (2004-2008)
  • B.A. double major in Sociology and Diversified Studies, Westmont College (1987)

Significant Transitions

  • My 2nd daughter arrived full-term stillborn.
  • I supported my dad through 10 major surgeries.
  • The passing of my dad and grieving of losing my him and my father-in-law.
  • I have lived through separation, divorce, single-parenting, re-marriage, and a blended family.
  • I have a close family member living with Multiple Sclerosis.
  • My grandson was born with a cleft-lip and cleft palate who now has a beautiful smile!
  • As an athlete, I have experienced 6 knee surgeries including a full knee replacement.
  • I am in menopause and have been working through severe symptoms.
  • I have made multiple career changes and have pursued educational degrees and certifications while managing a family.
  • I am actively engaged with my aging parents and grandchildren.

Woman to Woman:  I understand the unique heartache and touch points for women walking through loss, divorce, and desires for the second chapter of their lives! If you are a experiencing any of these challenges, please email me here