Everyone is a leader – either by choice or by default. The question you must answer is, how will you lead?

Energy Leadership Index Assessment

The Energy Leadership Index assessment, is an attitudinal assessment that shows how you experience your life through your perspectives that are unique to you. Because your perspectives are subjective, they can be altered and shifted to what you want them to be, increasing your performance, your growth, your success, and so you can experience the life of your choosing.  After completing the assessment, you will be directly involved in the debriefing process so you can become aware of your own perceptions, your level of engagement in your perspectives, your attitudes and behaviors, and your potential to lead yourself and others in creating the life you want.

This assessment also reveals how situations in your life are creating stress for you so you can become aware of the opportunities for you to release the stress and create more fulfillment and joy in your life and share it with others. It also demonstrates your current potential to motivate yourself and inspire others to take positive and purposeful action when under normal conditions and when under stress.  This assessment helps you create the life you want by first helping you become aware of first who you are so you can bring more of who you and what you want into your life!

The first step in igniting change is awareness.  Understanding your own behaviors and attitudes and how they may be affecting your decisions, or lack of, is vital to transformation.  

Energy Leadership Development System

Energy Leadership is the process that develops a personally effective style of leadership that positively influences and changes not only yourself, but also those with whom you work and live.

The ELDS program and system teaches you about the 7 levels of energetic perspectives and awareness. You’ll learn and be coached on 8 building blocks of leadership to effectively lead yourself and others to higher levels so you can take action and be more of who you want to be, having more success in however you define success for yourself.

You will be enabled to live a healthier and vibrant lifestyle, create high energy relationships, improve your communication, develop yourself spiritually, live with a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment, tune into your mission, improve your finances, gain more personal time, grow closer to your family.

Cor.E Dynamics Program, Well-being or Transitions Track

As both a Cor.E Well-being Dynamics Specialist and a Cor.E Transitions Dynamics Specialist, you will be coached through iPEC’s systematic comprehensive program by reading and exploring aspects of your well-being or aspects of your ability to move confidently through life’s transitions between coaching sessions. While this program begins with a foundation to lead yourself and others in healthy living and healthy relationships, this 3-part program can be designed to be completed separately or together based on your specific goals.

Program includes weekly or bi-weekly coaching + workbook readings and explorations.

Cor.E Dynamics 4-week Foundations Program:

  • Fresh, practical approaches to goal setting for both short-term outcome performances and long-term growth orientations.
  • Unique accountability tools to ensure success in your goals.
  • Introduction to anabolic (constructive) and catabolic (destructive) perspectives and how these show-up in our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and in how we present ourselves.
  • Learn the four main ways your anabolic perspectives can be blocked, how to remove blocks, and create new perspectives and possibilities.

Cor.E Dynamics 7-week Influencer’s Program:

Learn what factors influence your energy and stress in each area of your well-being so you have the awareness to adjust creating optimal performances in any given moment.

  • Spiritual:  Purpose, belief, values, gifts, desires, goals.
  • Mental: Clarity, focus, concentration in situations and conditions.
  • Emotional:  Understanding and expressing emotions, responding vs. reacting, emotional control.
  • Physical: Health and wellness including nutrition, sleep, exercise, vitality, self-care/preventative care, injury and illness.
  • Social:  Relationships, interactions, support, like-mindedness, teamwork.
  • Environmental:  Surroundings that support everyday functioning including technology, equipment, our senses.
  • Develop your own success formula for performances.

Cor.E Dynamics 10-week Disciplines Program

  • Learn and practice disciplines that build on one another for long-term growth and high potential living and performances
  • The Disciplines: Awareness, Acceptance, Conscious Choice, Trust the Process, Authenticity, Fearlessness, Confident, Connection, Presence in the Moment, 100% Energetic Engagement.
  • Develop a way of being that will keep you aware, engaged, and present by taking small steps with a mindset of success.
  • Develop your own success formula for high potential and performance.