Leah introduced an abridged Energy Leadership concept at my workplace as a corporate exercise. I thought it was a great exercise and I wanted to take a deeper dive on a personal level. The ELI exercise at work showed me that I needed to listen better in the work environment, but by the end of the ELI Assessment & Session debrief with Leah, I realized I needed to work on listening in my personal life too. In a relatively short amount of time, we were able to pinpoint the gremlins/obstacles that were keeping my listening energy levels in the catabolic range, and developed tools for identifying and overcoming those catabolic influences. They are tools that I know I will use forever. I’m a better listener for my loved ones and co-workers. Win Win Win.

CaLa Carroll

Leah is the person you want in your corner! I have had the privilege of knowing Leah as coworker, friend, and Coach for almost three years now; and there is no shortage of enthusiasm when it comes to Wellness and my fitness goals. She takes a holistic approach to truly understand what you are looking for, how you want to get there, and asks the right (and sometimes the tough) questions to make sure you see it through. From injuries to personal bests, Leah was always there, never letting me lose focus on the bigger picture.

Dave Marks, Endurance Athlete, Olympic Marathon Trials

Working with Leah Stephens has provided life-changing wisdom, support, and tools that I needed. The materials that Leah and I are working with are outstanding. However, the most powerful part of Leah’s coaching is Leah herself. She is ever- present, always a source of strength and hope.  I am so grateful for her.


Working with Leah is like having a 50-50 partner 100% dedicated to helping find and champion the best you.

Joe Marks, Consultant

Leah Stephens is an amazing life coach! I had no idea what a life coach was and I thought my nutrition and wellness was too far gone to save. With her help, I have been able to make positive choices that make me energized and happy. Leah has given me the tools to live a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle and I could not be more grateful. I am now happy eating an orange over a jelly donut, which I NEVER thought could happen, and have enough energy to take on an amazing new day!

Ben Muratov 

Leah’s life experience, compassion, and love for lifting others up helped me move through the grief process of losing my son. She has become a role model and wonderful friend. She is the ideal life coach.

Charlotte Nicks

Leah’s inspiring and supportive approach led me to solutions and shifted my energy to a place of peace and confidence to take on the things that were challenging me. She helped me to see the best in myself, and her energy and joy for life are infections. If you have the opportunity to coach with her, she will do the same for you. I am so thankful to have had her as my coach. 

Carly Petersmeyer, National Educator and Empowerment Coach

I am pleased with the progress I have made with Leah as my life coach. Leah shows true compassion as she intuitively directs you through the development of your goals and overcoming obstacles. She prompts the right questions and provides a safe and comfortable environment for you to explore different paths to achieve those goals. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve any aspect of their life.

Sharon C.